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Industrial Management Interview Questions
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what is inventory

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How do you create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?



What are the most common sources for cGMP


Which book would be beter for understanding about managment knowledge in company.

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if we let you employ a person under you called a chaser. what do you think his work will be ?

Focus, JMT, Manal Industries,

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why are choose the transformer ratings in KVA?


distinguish between fdi And fpi


What is MSE certificate?, It is certified by CA or not, Please clarify this.


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How many Type of TDS in UP and how much % ..Full details. Thanks & Regards


what is the difference between baseline date and target date

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How much Sales Tax on 20 Ltr. R.O. Water Can/Camper Sale



Can any body explain about man and machine calculation? especially in pharma sector.



What is the terminals definition and function....?


what is land scape why we are using this ?


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What do you mean by balance of payments? Explain the relationship between the balance of payments and the exchange rates of a country, giving suitable illustrations in support of your answer?


What is slow moving items?


What are the most common sources for cGMP


What is logistics? List about what is work of logistics supervisor?


Describe the frameworks for resolving ethical dilemmas?


What do you mean by ethical dilemmas? Describe the frameworks for resolving ethical dilemmas?


why you want to do MBA in Indusrial management?


What adjustments will you have to make in transitioning from the private sector to the public sector?


why u have not worked anywhere for 3 years


What experience have you had in developing a marketing strategy?


In a traditional automotive plant emphasis is on reducing cost by producing more. give points to show that this leads to behaviours that discourage stopping the line to fix problem.


We are Storage tank Fabricator having SSI unit.Whether we are liable to pay Service tax or not. If yes then what is the exemption for us?


What is the difference between invoice and purchase order?


What is the terminals definition and function....?


Briefly describe indias policy on import of technology?