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Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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wye we used flip-flop...Any alternatives.........??

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What you mean by setup box?

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what is the difference between 2G and 3G network?

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What is the full form of SDH???

State Bank of Hyderabad SBH,

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what is BGA? what is the use of BGA?

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what is quality factor

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what is interview

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what is leadership

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what is the difference b/w cascading bts's and making bts master and slave?


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importance of defining tg or tf in selecting master and slave bts's?


importance of defining tg or tf in selecting master and slave bts's?


Why 50Hz power supply is standard?

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please explain the meaning of "In GSM only 30 or 35 peoples can call at at time in a singal carrier but In CDMA apprx 70 peoples can call in a singal carrier at a time."..........


how to calculet the resolution of 4 to 20 mA current signal


how does modulation reduce bandwidth


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Un-Answered Questions { Electronics Communications }

i am using LM7805 for my project in which 12v dc supply is should i calculate the values of C0 and C1?


Noise with uniform power spectral density of n0w/hz is passed through a filter h (w) = 2 exp(-jwtd) followed by an ideal low pass filter of bandwidth bhz. What is the output noise power in watts?


I have applied for the post of Assistant Instrumentation Engneer in IOCL and need urgently IOCL sample paper please help me.


Dear all, I am working as engineer in an electronics industry since 3 years,and i would like to apply PR visa for australia,i got 6 bands in all modules in ielts(general).please let me know what should i do now?


Explain what is a state table?


• The silicon of a new device has memory leak. When all "0" are written into RAM, it reads back all "0" whithout any problem. When all "1" are written, only 80% of memory cells are read back correctly. What can be possibly the problem with the RAM?


Explain About RRC states


Explain why is a two-input nand gate called universal gate?


Explain conductivity, resistivity and resistance?


What are the advantages of gray code?


What is ssb modulation?


explain the application of a jfet.


Ripple as referred to in a rectifier circuit.


What is the significance of the arrow-head in the transistor symbol?


I m a computer science engg. passout and want to prepare for PSUs but I dont have the idea of the study material which I should study from and the previous Question papers of PSUs,plz help me....