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Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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In which of the following is an operational amplifier (op-amp) used? a. Oscillators b. Filters c. Instrumentation circuits d. All of the above

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An op-amp comparator circuit uses which of the following a. positive feedback b. negative feedback c. active feedback d. no feedback

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When compared with other transducers measuring temperature, a four-lead platinum RTD 1. has better linearity over a wide operating range 2. has better accuracy and precision 3. has better stability at high temperature 4. is inexpensive Which of these are correct? Select one: a. 1,2 and 3 b. 2,3 and 4 c. 1,2 and 4 d. 1,3 and 4

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Thermocouple connections must be taken into account to ensure a high degree of accuracy. True False

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As a water tank loses heat, the temperature drops by 2 K/min when a heater is on, the system gains temperature at 4 K/min. A two-position controller has a 0.5 min control lag and a neutral zone of ± 4% of the setpoint about a setpoint of 323 K. Plot the heater temperature versus time. Find the oscillation period



Why do we need Interview?


Is there any tradeoff between voice quality and bandwidth, how?


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explain about IEEE 802.11 wireless home networking?








is there any method to interact with LnT ER300P trivector meters and fetch data from that online from remote? the distance between the meter and the pc will be about 4 km.plz reply.thanks



India is the power supply is 230v 50hz,so why the other countries 110v 60hz AC power supply why?


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I had completed my diploma in electronics and communication. Currently am working with a pvt. ltd. (with two years of experiences) company which makes panel using plc, VFD(drivers) and scada monitoring system. so should i get supervisor licence for my supervisor post???


How to call the "Procedure" in test bench for VHDL...? Please post the answer for it....?


Actually i am new to vhdl, i want to know how to declare the procedure and how to call the procedure in test bench for VHDL.... Please send answer for that...?


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What other TCP setting can you modify besides MTU to shorten packets


i am electronics & comm engg & appling 4 the AAI jr executive (electronics/ATC) written test. pls forward me the syllabus & old question papers.I will be very much thankful to you


What is meant by input power factor in controlled rectifier?


How to manufacture the cmos inverter?


What are the different types of flip-flops?


Explain the primary advantage of multiplexing?


Can you help me correct FM transmitter circuit?


What is the difference between transducer and transponder?


Name the frequency bands are used in satellite communication?


what happen when the rectifier circuit is connect with the tube light?


What is the approximate cost of the corrosion penetration monitoring system(cpmp)?


Dear concern Plz provide me the solved papers of Railway section engineer in signal...


oracle 1st round What are the different types of joins? Explain normalization with examples. What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets? Diffrence between a "where" clause and a "having" clause What is the difference between "procedure" and "function"? How will you copy the structure of a table without copying the data? How to find out the database name from SQL*PLUS command prompt? Tadeoffs with having indexes Talk about "Exception Handling" in PL/SQL? What is the diference between "NULL in C" and "NULL in Oracle?" What is Pro*C? What is OCI? Give some examples of Analytical functions. What is the difference between "translate" and "replace"? What is DYNAMIC SQL method 4? How to remove duplicate records from a table? What is the use of ANALYZing the tables? How to run SQL script from a Unix Shell? What is a "transaction"? Why are they necessary? Explain Normalizationa dn Denormalization with examples. When do you get contraint violtaion? What are the types of constraints? How to convert RAW datatype into TEXT? Difference - Primary Key and Aggregate Key How functional dependency is related to database table design? What is a "trigger"? Why can a "group by" or "order by" clause be expensive to process? What are "HINTS"? What is "index covering" of a query? What is a VIEW? How to get script for a view? What are the Large object types suported by Oracle? What is SQL*Loader? Difference between "VARCHAR" and "VARCHAR2" datatypes. What is the difference among "dropping a table", "truncating a table" and "deleting all records" from a table. Difference between "ORACLE" and "MICROSOFT ACCESS" databases. How to create a database link ? PL/SQL interview questions... Normalize many to many relationships Difference - Equijoin and union What is TEMP table space in Oracle, what is rollback segment How do we find row chaining? Pattern matching operators Features in oracle 9i and 10g Why truncating table is faster than delete copy commit syntax Convert Zulu time zone to US Eastern time zone Difference - union and union all Difference - Group by, Order by clause Which Ranking functions are available? Difference - Decode, NVL, NVL2 Tradeoffs of using partitioned tables How can we call stored procedure in SQL query What are the restrictions on calling PL/SQL from SQL Why EXISTS is preferable to distinct Give 2 examples of avoiding unnecessary parsing.


2. What is the command to lock the TRX


what is a voltage follower?