Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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Darlington is used for ??

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Test on three subjects Physics, Chemistry & Biology are to be conducted simultaneously the number of candidates for the tests are 68, 36 and 72 respectively. Candidates are to be seated in different rooms such that each room will have candidates of the same subject and the load on each invigilator be the same i.e. the number of candidates in each room should be the same what is the minimum number of rooms you need for the purpose


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i done m.e communication system degree. i like to study new degree. which course is to choose. i selected m.sc applied psychology, m.sc e&i. is this suitable for me or say some suggestion to do some course.


Hi, I am an Telceom engineer,I know about LSL,HSL links between various Network Elements. Can anyone explain me about F link in telceom. Regards, Sanchit Bhardwaj



how to determine success


what is the difference between electronics and power electronics

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how you check SCR firing or not? in live 3 phase bridge rectifier unit(3 in neg and 3 in pos),explain please


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What is transister

HCL, intex,

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what is a random variable?

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what is that functionality of a relay? draw aconnection for relay?

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what is RS-232 giv ex?

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difference bw latch & flip flop?

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what is ISR? what is the return value of ISR?


write the 10 prime nos program in c++?


why use -48 volt DC power in telecom?

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Explain in wave guides tem wave propagation is not exit, give the physical interpretation?


What is a p-n junction diode? State and explain some of its applications.


which are the five general EMI(electromagnetic interference) testings conducted on any system?


which transform is better? haar or hadamard


why interrupt is necessary in microprocessor?


why always current in some amp and voltage is 230?


Why the current in power diode varies linearly rather than exponentially with voltage?


Explain when a sample of germanium and silicon having same impurity density are kept at room temperature then resistivity of silicon will be higher than that of germanium, why?


How many such pairs of digits are there in the word " strive" each of which has as many letters between them in the word as they are in english alphabets?


What is Response time of a thermocouple and a PT 100


How to Create the Node file with Multi Dropping


How are electrons in an atom visualized?


explain the principle of operation of successive approximation adc.


The represent number 35 in binary, number of bits required are?


Why every time that I hit the microphone or when I speak louder the amplifier is switched of?