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Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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sir please provide me the previous technical papers for hpcl writtien exam


please provide me the previous technical papers for ece branch conducted by hpcl


What is the use of Fourier Transform?

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what is the bandwidth and band????????

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comparision between fet and bjt

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wat is the channel length we r using in ic designing in current technology


hello sir, could u plz send me a sample placement paper for hpcl trainee engg exam..(electronics stream)...hoping to hear from u at the earliest. Thanking you.


i am going to face the gd round for the ues exam ,going to be conducted in our college campus by indian army soon so i just want to know that which kind of technical questions are usually asked in the interview after gd ..???

Indian Military Services,

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whatis the test condition for the leakage current rating for 25kv high voltage test on PVC armoured cable?



Can any one please send me the hpcl question papers or pattern for ece branch please mail to


What is eddy current?


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What is CDMA?


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How does a cell phone works?



What is optical fiber?


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What is coaxial cable?


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How to select lightning arrester for line trap? What are the criteria?


Is a hole a fundamental particle in an atom?


Which type of charges present on the two opposite faces of the junction?


1. How many TRXs are supported in Nokia Metrosite 2. What is the command to lock the TRX 3. What is the command to unlock the BTS 4. What is the command from BSC to check the alarm in BTS 5. What is the maximum transmit power of FlexiEdge BTS 6. When Abis link is down, name the alarm that is generated at BSC 7. Orange LED on RRI card is glowing – what is the indication? 8. How many E1s are supported by one E1 card in BTS 9. How many ways one can login to BIO card? 10. What are the different data rates in Abis for Traffic, TRX signaling and OMU 11. BCSU card in BSC can support how many TRXs? 12. What is the command to check list of sites that are down? 13. How many TRX are supported when we use one M2HA card in BTS? 14. Name the different types of power supply card in BTS and the output power of each card 15. Ater interface is between transcoder and MSC – True/False 16. SS7 signaling is used in Abis interface – True/False 17. FlexiEdge BTS has RRI card – True/False 18. From Transcoder to MSC, data rate for each call is 64Kbps – True/false 19. Name different types of TRXs which supports different GSM bands 20. ODU LED shows orange – what is the significance?


i want computer associates placement papers from u? pls post to me.


What are the processes required to perform interfacing successfully?


If R1=R2, then B=0.5, the total time T of square wave in astable multivibrator using op-amp is A T=RC B T=2 RC ln 3 C T=2 RC ln 2 D T=2RC ln (1+ 0.5)


What is meant by the deflection sensitivity of a cro?


Describe the working of 3φ semi converter. And derive the expressions for average output voltage and rms output voltage?


why qpsk is done for 45 135225315 not 0 90.270 360 degrees "degrees why "


What is a sample and hold circuit? Where it is used?


What are the advantages of ac voltage controllers?


In a sales interview if a person ask us how would you be able to sell our products in this recesion. How would i have to respond them.


Explain what is a truth table?


Explain we take the area of collector wide comparison to base and emitter. Why?