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AJAX Interview Questions
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Is javascript knowledge is required to do Ajax?

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What are all the browsers support AJAX?

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How can you test the Ajax code?

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Is Ajax said to be a technology platform or is it an architectural style?

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How can AJAX applications be debugged?

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How can we cancel the XMLHttpRequest in AJAX?

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Is AJAX code cross browser compatible?

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What is the name of object used for AJAX request?

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What is prerequisite for Update Panel in Ajax?

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How many update panel can be used per page?

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What is Script Manager?

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How Ajax objects can be created?

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What are the protocols used by Ajax?

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What are all the security issues of Ajax?

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How can we handle concurrent requests?

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Explain differences between the page execution lifecycle of an page and an ajax page?


Are there any frameworks available to help speedup development with ajax?


How do we get the xmlhttprequest object?


What is the ajax framework? What versions have been released so far?


What browsers does html_ajax work with?


What are the difference between server-side ajax framework and client-side ajax framework?


What is ajax method?


Whats with the -alpha in the install instructions?


How we can send more values through the response text?


Explain limitations of ajax.


How do we manage concurrent request?


Explain the limitations of ajax? : ajax


Does this mean adaptive path is anti-flash?


Describe the formats and protocols used by ajax?


Why do we use the updateprogress control in ajax? : ajax