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ICET Interview Questions
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when r the exams


i want to know the type of questions in SBI Banking Examination

State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi! i am in need of SBI clerical 5yrs model test paper plzzz mail me at my e-mail id

State Bank Of India SBI,


pls send me modale test paper of sbi clerical exm as soon possbile i thank to u ? i hope u will send

State Bank Of India SBI,


I need question paper of TAx Assistant 2007 with solutions



Find the value of?sq rt of {10 +2*(6)^1/2 +2*(10)^1/2+2*(15) ^1/2}


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Which SADAN is considered weakest in the world



What is the rank of India in producing copper?and which country is topper?

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Aryabhatta lived during the reign of which among the following ?


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Chlorosis is the phenomenon where leaves have

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Which of the following is concerned with the description and mapping of the main features of the universe ?

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Rain fallon a map is shown by which of the following ?

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The pedogenic regime of calcification is commonly associated with

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The branch of the south equatorial current which flows along the eastern side of the west-indies,is known as

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Please send me pervious years question papers with answer and also send 2008 model paper to my ID

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what is public borrowings


How I should prepare for MCA with SSC coaching


India ke Map me pandechare ko 3 jaghe kyo dikhaya jata hai?


kindly tell me about the preparation of bank p.o?


28,38,49,-,70,77 please give the answer and explin me


now i have a professional B.V.Sc degree in hand i want to prepare for group-1 where i can start ? what subject i should start?


this is suresh studing llb 2nd year, i want to know about group1&2 examination means is there any easy way to prepare for that like reading by some books, then which books should i read,please give advice. thank u


it in 1 to 6 ,it is 15 to 20,it is 5,it never be 21 until it flies,what is it?


For any function f(x), the inverse function f-1(x)is defined. If f(x)=3e-x , then f-1(x)=? a)ln(3/x) b) ln(x/3) c) ln(x).5 d) (1/3)ln(x)


which one of the following Gupta rulers was related to the Licchav is on his mother's side?


why did the British decide to give education to indians


Can u tell me about the work function of a probationary officer?


please send fully solved question of ssc combined graduate level exam of year 2002 to 2009


peptidyl transferase activity during transcription solely depends on ----- a. ribosomal proteins b. 23S rRNA c.5S rRNA d.