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AFMC Interview Questions
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how would u estimate protein

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how would u measure carbohydrate

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what is differance bitween southern westren and northern blotting

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which city is called as city of joy?

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where can i get coaching for drug inspector entrance coaching hyderabad if you know please reply me this is my e-mail ,,, vengalreddy86

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full form of ffoocc


hi, i am going to appear the Andhra bank clerical exam held on 14.06.09. So i want last 10 years question answer of clerical exam of andhra bank. Will u plz help me?

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hello all Iam a doctor with MBBS, and and I completed FRCS parts 2 . what should i do If i want to work in a hospital . pls help don

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jabalpur is in city

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what are the common question that can be ask me during interview me as health assistant.


Re: could u send me the model papers available for drug inspector exam

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please send me last 10 years papersof obc


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when 2010 entrance exam for the drug inspector will be conducted for us the pharmacist

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send me all afmc interview question



what is the criteria of the interview


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what is the criteria of the interview


is there is any cell in mesosome, if yes so how many?


When will be the notification for drug inspector


How to help engneer


LCM of √3 and. 4 ??????????