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J2ME Code Interview Questions
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What are basics Software's for J2ME applications?

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Explain MIDlet Life cycle?


What hardware and software requirements of a device that intends to implement the MIDP.

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List some Property Supported by J2ME?

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Explain Virtual Machine for J2ME?

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What is minimum hardware and Software requirements for J2ME?

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Will J2ME applications run on J2SE?

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Will J2SE applications run on J2ME?If Not Why?

ASD Lab,

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What is Generic" J2ME architecture?


What are disadvantage of J2ME?

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What are advantages of J2ME?

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Why we use J2ME?

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How can I create connection two blue-tooth mobile in j2me. please urgent


Explain MIDlet Life cycle?


What is Generic" J2ME architecture?


write a program to input a natural number less than and display it in words.test your program on the sample data and some random data sample input= 29 sample output= Twenty nine sample input=17001 sample output= out of range sample input=119 sample output =one hundred and nineteen sample input=500 sample output=five hundred