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USA Spouse Visa K3 Visa Interview Questions
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Is your marriage registered?

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Can I see some wedding photographs?

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What is your spouse?s date of birth?

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Which university did your spouse graduate from?

2 3209

What is your spouse?s highest degree?

2 3105

Which company does your spouse work for?

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Who is sponsoring in your husbands H1?


Where is his employer located?

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Where are his clients located?

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What kind of work does your spouse do at the USA Company?

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How long has your spouse been in USA?

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How long has your spouse been working for the sponsoring company?

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What will you do after your visa is expired?

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How much he is earning or what is the pay of your spouse or what is the annual income of your spouse?

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Can I see some pay stubs from your spouse?s paycheck?

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Un-Answered Questions { USA Spouse Visa K3 Visa }

my merrige has been done in 2008/dec with usa green card holder ,after then she went out to usa an after three months i apply for student visa and that time i did not mention that i m merried now she become citizen and she apply for me so anything problem creat?


My husband may have to have waiver after his interview how long does that take??


When did your husband get his stamping?


I see that you have been rejected earlier, do you know why?


we both 2nd marriage persons and my husband is citizen in us last 10yrs,when we apply for spouse visa how many months take to go and what are the questions they ask me and i am not fluvent in english ,can i use my monther tounge malayalam?and my first marriage children also with me.later i can take with them na?and my passport and sslc boo ther is my mother name asha,and here real name is can i change the name?if she came to us is it difficut to get her visa due to name change in my passport thank u annu


im sonia ks,we got married on nov, husband is working for mnc in bangalore,n now company is sending him to work in us for 6 months on l1 visa,this is third time he is going on l1 visa,im also planning to go with him.please somebody send me how to proceed?should i have to add my husband name to my passport,n wat type of questions do they ask in interview at embassy?


Who is sponsoring in your husbands H1?


i married in usa with usa parmanent residing womanlast year in march 2009.marriage ceremony held in pakistan wife first except islam and then i marry with her.then he return back to usa after a my wife submit petition1-130 alien relative in usa. i need questions for interview


I married here in the Philippines to american citizen,we have one child and it's a boy and he was born last January 18,2010,so now i'm planning to apply my visa just to see him.what kind of visa should i supposed to apply with my son?PLease i need your answer as much as possible.thank you


Can you file for a waiver the same day as your actual interview?In elsalvador.