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ASP.NET Interview Questions
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How do I debug an ASP.NET application that wasn't written with Visual Studio.NET and that doesn't use code-behind?

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How many Directives r in ASP.NET?

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What r Callbacks in ASP.NET?

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What is Difference between Callbacks and Postback in ASP.NET?

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What r new things introduced in ASP.NET 2.0 in comparision to ASP.NET 1.1

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Name the application folders present in 2.0?

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What are the new page events added in 2.0 ?

Sapient, TCS,

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How cross page posting is done in 2.0?

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what are the different ASP.NET Application Folders?


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What are Master pages? How to define a Master page?

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What is the use of The Page.Master Property?

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What are Themes? What is their use ?

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How to remove themes from certain controls?

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What are skins?

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What is personalization? What are the properties available in personalization?

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How does a web application session work?


What is the use of web api?


What is another word for redirect?


Explain how viewstate is being formed?


How to turn off cookies for a page?


What is difference between asp state management and state management?


What is paging in context of Memory?


How does http session work?


What is a form tag?


Explain what is an abstract class?


What is http pipeline in


What are the uses of reflection?


What are the modes of updation in an updatepanel?


Where is view state stored?


How can we secure the data which is send from client side to server? Like the login id and paasword needs to be authenticated on the server but we cannot send it in plain text into the server.One more thing we are not using the SSL here.