ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Which property on a Combo Box do you set with a column name, prior to setting the DataSource, to display data in the combo box?

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Which control would you use if you needed to make sure the values in two different controls matched?

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True or False: To test a Web service you must create a windows application or Web application to consume this service?

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How many classes can a single .NET DLL contain?


6 10750 and asp ? differences?

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How ASP and ASP.NET page works.

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Difference between ASP Session and ASP.NET Session?

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What is cookie less session? How it works?


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How you will handle session when deploying application in more than a server? Describe session handling in a webfarm, how does it work and what are the limits?


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What method do you use to explicitly kill a users session?

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What are the different ways you would consider sending data across pages in ASP (i.e between 1.asp to 2.asp)?

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What is State Management in .Net and how many ways are there to maintain a state in .Net?

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What are the disadvantages of view state / what are the benefits?

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When maintaining session through Sql server, what is the impact of Read and Write operation on Session objects? will performance degrade..

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How do you create a permanent cookie?

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What are the versions of garbage collection?


About CLR, reflection and assemblies?


Any one can tell how we store tiff format images in database and retrive from the database(need for tiff format only)


Error : The operation couldn’t be performed because ole db provider sqlncli10 for linked server was unable to begin a distributed transaction.00000110 oledb provider for linked server returned message the partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions. I can able to execute the stored procedure in sql server but when i run the web page getting error like above. I did all the configuration. what is the solution?


i have 3+ exp in .net? i am going interview now but they asked me do you know any TOOL? which tool will i study please refer me?


What are Session states available and its Uses?


what is silver light when will we use silver light,


Which tool you have done?


They mostly asked difference between versions of technologies


what is publisher?


calling result set one procedure to anothar procedure in sql2000


How Session outproc in Sqlserver stored?


Difference between .NET and previous version?


How can we communicate with each server in N-tier Architecture? and what are the methods?

1083 to encrpt query string in 2.there are 10000 records then i wnat display 5000 records one gridview and 5000 records another grid view what is the process?