Client Server General Interview Questions
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What is Client-server Computing?

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What is a Client process?

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What is a Server process?

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What is a Two-Tier Architecture?

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What is a Three-Tier Architecture?

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What is Middleware?

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What is Cooperative Processing?

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What is Distributed Processing?

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What is an "Intranet"?

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What are the characteristics of client/server architecture?


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What are the different types of servers?

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What are the different client/server processing styles?


What is distributed or remote presentation?


What is Remote Data Management?

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What is distributed function processing?

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what is meant by transparency of location servers?


Compare DEC RPC to ONCRPC. How do the two differ.


I have source having single column C1 RAM KRISHNA I have to load that data in to one target . that target contain two columns C1 and C2 I want the out put like C1 C2 RAM KRISHNA that means in 1st column RAM and Second column Krishna ok by using informatica only . single space in between ram krishna in soucre column ok?


If you had a choice debugging deadlock problem or a livelock Problem, which would you choose? Why ? How would you proceed?


Think about the hardware limit on system calls. How can a system designer add additional system call without changing the hardware?


Explain the Tunneling, Encapsulation, and Dialup Phone Line.


What is distributed or remote presentation?


What are all the Extended services provided by the OS?


What Network traffic is generated if one call connect on a socket of type SOCK – DGRAM?


What are the different client/server processing styles?


What advantages can one obtain by combining the technique with a concurrent, single process server?


What is meant by Asymmetrical protocols?


what is meant by MultiServer?


Examine the specification for NFS version 2 and 3 what are the chief difference? Does version 3 make any changes that are visible or important to a programmer?


Under what condition will read from a terminal return the value 0?