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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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how to replacing the BDC with the BAPI, wherever possible

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identify valid statement when coding a field exit ? a) submit RSCA101X b)MESSAGE E101 C)MESSAGE I101 d)BREASK-POINT


how to transport request give step/producer of transport request give step?

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how to added data in list box?

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what is advantages and disadvantages in call by value and call by reference

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what is macro and function?


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What is the MM Flow with Transaction Codes

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Why don’t use LSMW method instead of BDC methods, if the data is master data?

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Which is the event trigger last?


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Can we download master data using LSMW method?

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After finding enhancements of a perticular transaction using SMOD, how can you opt one enhancement from all displayed enhacements?


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what is the use of 'split' in BDC? Is it related to some tab adjustment to the flat file during BDC?

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how to upload logo in the smart forms


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how to trasfert script from one server to another server or one clint to another clint


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what is set cursor and get cursor command in module pool


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP ABAP }

In BDC, data transfer is done success in foreground mode but if we done the same in background mode it shows errors. What is the reason?


Explain sap abap 3-tier architecture?


How to find the return code of an stmt in abap programs?


Explain what is an rdbms?


What is pakey structure, pshd1 structure and what type of fields it contains? : abap hr


What is a multiple line field?


Explain what is step-loop?


What is your approach to find exit and BAdi?


What is design pattern? Provide example .Why are we using it?


I am getting the (first) page number and the remaining records displayed in another list in another page BUT the PAGE Number is not displayed? What is the code/solution?


Which transaction code is used executing a report (type 1 program)? : abap data dictionary


How do you restrict the data to be entered in the payroll area? : sap abap hr


Is sap xi intended to replace ale?


What is the difference between collect and append statements?


identify valid statement when coding a field exit ? a) submit RSCA101X b)MESSAGE E101 C)MESSAGE I101 d)BREASK-POINT