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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How to modify the tables at Data base level?

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How to declare an Internal Table?

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What is the Transaction code for entancements?

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what is secondary index?

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In an Internal Table, I have 1000 records. I have to Retrieve One Record. In Performence wise what is the Best Query?

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you've to run some program in back ground. how to display the last month info from 1st to 31st?

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Some one is running a program in Foreground which has to be run in Back ground. How you are going to instruct to do in Back ground?

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what is the procedure to report/submit the Back ground Program and the results to the PM?

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what is BDCRECXX contains?

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A Job is scheduled with Three steps. In the event the second step fails..what happens to the first and third step of the Job chain?


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Final entry in the BDC Table?


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A Report program is executed in Back ground mode. The out put of this program must be sent to the inbox for a list of users.The users are based on an Organizational assignment defined in a configuration table. what is the Best way this can be performed?


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which processor controls the flow logic of an online program?

Accenture, TCS,

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what is a field symbol?


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The standard symbols in SAP script are stored in which table?


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What are user exits? What is involved in writing them? What precations are needed?


What are the list of screen elements?


Explain what are extracts?


Suppose the client wants me the vacancy to be displayed on a website as well as ess. How should I do it? : sap abap hr


How do you send files to the legacy systems from SAP and vice versa? How does one know that the legacy files have come on to the SAP server you are working on?


How many types of tables exists and what are they in data dictionary?


What do you do when the system crashes in the middle of a BDC batch session?


What is the modification assistant?


Explain the difference between domain and data element? What are aggregate object?


Events that can be used in both the classical and interactive reports


Hi! I want to join SAP ABAP course in Hyderabad, can any one tell me where should I join? and Which is the best institute for SAP WORKSHOP? Thank you...


What is table attribute? : abap data dictionary


how do you call third selection screen ?


Name a few data dictionary objects?


What is the differences between abap and ooabap. In which situation we useooabap?