Postgre Interview Questions
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How to start the database server?

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How to stop the database server?

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How to check whether PostgreSQL server is up and running?

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What are the languages which PostgreSQL supports?

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Explain about the command enable debug?

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Explain about functions in PostgreSQL?

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Explain about indices of PostgreSQL?

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Explain about Triggers?

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What are the different data types supported by PostgreSQL?

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Explain about database administration tools?

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Explain about pgadmin?

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How do you create a data base with postgreSQL?

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What are the various enhancements to the straight relational data model by PostgreSQL?

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Explain about tokens?

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Explain about string constants?

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What is the option that can be used in PostgreSQL to find out how the query optimizer is evaluating the query given?


PostgreSql Disadvantages


Does PostgrSQL support Column constraints? If so how is it done?


What is the command that can be used to allocate memory in postgreSQL?


How many byte Unique integers does OIDs in PostgreSQL have?


What is the option that can be used in PostgreSQL to make transactions see rows affected in previous parts of the transaction?


What is the powerful database utility that can be used for building, executing and processing queries upon PostgreSQL databases?


Why Update is too slow


What does GEQO stands for in PostgreSQL?


What does the option psql -l of PostgreSQL display?


What is the option used in PostgreSQL to increase the number of shared memory buffers shared among the backend processes


What is inverted file ?


What are the character types that are available in postgresql?


What is the operator that is used for case-insensitive regular expression searches in PostgreSQL?


What is the command or the option available in postgresql that can be used to retrieve the next SERIAL value from the sequence object?