SQL Server Interview Questions
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which is best institute to learn sql server in ameerpet or sr nagar or maithrivanam?please help

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Without Using Cursors , How to Select the Selected row??

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How many index can be created for single table

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In my application I have a process which picks the scanned files (tif format) from a shared location and it links to application and shown on it.The actuall issue is that my process picks the file before it is completly written or scanned which results in displaying few parts of the image or incomplete image.I need to check if the file is not completly scanned or written then do not link it to application.Please help if any body tell me that how can i check that file is in written phase or locked through DTS.thanking you in advance


what exactly sql injuction.how to overcome.....



Is it possible we can connect our SQL database to GUI application? If it is yes than how tell me the explanation

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SQL Server Performance Tuning for Stored Procedures & reducing debugging time?

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How cand Optimize SQL Server Stored Procedures

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How many types of system privileges are there, Can we add or delete privileges?

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What is Online Index Rebuild Operation?

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What are the limitation of the Online Index Rebuild Operation?

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What Are Three Rules to Use UNION IN SQL SERVER

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How to create Clustered Primary Key to table?

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Write a SQL Query to find first Week Day of month?

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How to find 6th highest salary from Employee table ?

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Why we need to use secondry database file? though, we can do same work using primary database file also.


If we delete pack Spec what will be the status of pack Body ?


tell me the disaster recovery plan


How much memory that we are using in Logshipping Concept?


after migrating the dts packg to ssis by using migrtn wizrd in 2005. iam not able to open ssis pack and getting error. what r those errors? how to resolve?


If a stored procedure is taking a table data type, how it looks?


what’s the difference between Covering Indexes and Clustered Indexes ? how to use clustered index small ?


code to create procedure for taking databse backup in sql server or i have the query for it but what it's query returns means i want to show on my jsp that the databse backup has been taken on the basis of that return value.does it returns 0 or 1.wat is the code for that


I have a table Events Events containing cardno,time,id,name--each id has a cardno my requirement is every day each employee swipe the card several times i want to calculate first and last time of each card the output should be name 1 2 6 7 in out in out holiday holiday xxx 09:30 06:30 09:40 06:45 where 1,2...... are dates for example january 1,2, etc. 6 and 7 are saturday and sunday how it is posssible


which backup strategy you are following at ur company


hi i am working as a testengineer , so i want to no the backend data base connection can any one tell mwe in detail


Scalability, Availability, Integration with internet, etc.)?


IF more than one Site is accessing the same Database server and I want to move the DB with Minimum down time? How will you do


hi, how to link a text file and a .rpt file in my tables of sql server and to retrieve those records for further use. reply me as soon as possible.


what is isolation level at dead lock?