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SQL Server Interview Questions
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what is the output for this query select * from employee where 1=1;

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table:employee EID ENAME MID(manager ids) 101 rama null 102 sita 101 103 siva 101 104 ganesh 103 . . . . . . for 103 ID the manager ID is 101(RAMA) and for 104 manager is SIVA if i give employee id (EID) you have to tell the manager for that EID write query? eample:if i give 102 .The query output should be manager for 102 ID that it should print RAMA as output

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Table student containing 2 columns,Join date,Employee name. Under join date 4 rows r ter =1-jan-2008,2-feb-2008,3-mar- 2008,4-feb-2008.Under Employee name 4 difeerent names jaison,robin,binoy,rahul Result set is, Table containing 4-column name=jan,feb,mar,april,,beneath these months count is given as 1,2,1,0 means these counts representing number of emplooyees joined in a month(january 1employee,february 2 employee,march 1 employee,april 0 employee) Can you give me the required sql query

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What is the difference between MVC and Teir Architecher? Plz explain with Layyered Programming example...? Thanks



how to replace double quotes by single quotes in sql server


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hi, i have a table called names and field name select * from names name a b c d i want to display like this name a,b,c,d how it is possible Regards Baiju

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what is for foreign key ??

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How can count the string ? for ex: If i have string like 'bhaskar' then i need like b:1 h:1 a:2 s:1 k:1 r:1 please give any idea on that


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What is SQL Profiler what is the use of it?

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What are the advantages of using views. Why do we need views when we have SPs?


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How many types of cursors are there in SQL Server?

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What is the difference between the following two sql statements select count(*) from select count(col_name) from


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What are the advantages of using stored procedures? Please don't simply say compilation time will be saved as they are already complied. Please specify some other advantages.


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Differences between functions and stored procedures?

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Can we have more than one NULL in a column having unique constraint?


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Un-Answered Questions { SQL Server }

How to replace null values in expressions using isnull()?


Explain encryption of entire databases without the need for application changes in sql server 2008?


What is co-related sub query?


You notice that the transaction log on one of your databases is over 4gb the size of the data file is 2mb what could cause this situation, and how can you fix it?


How to create function with parameter in sql server?


How we can refresh the view?


Can you explain powershell included in sql server 2008?


whats new about truncate in sql server 2008?


How to throw custom exception in Stored Procedure?


Characterize join and name diverse sorts of joins?


What is an expensive query?


How to select an exiting database using mssql_select_db()?


How to loop through returning rows?


How to Check if table exists in sql server?


Explain the microsoft sql server delete command?