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VSS Interview Questions
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What platforms can I automate VSS using OLE?


Where can I find the SSSCC API?


Does VSS OLE Automation support label comments?


Does VSS OLE Automation support pinning?


Does VSS OLE Automation support administrative functions?


Using the VSS OLE Automation support in ASP pages?


Is there a SourceSafe developers guide?


Where is the main copy of the Visual Basic project stored?

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If the Allow Multiple Checkouts option is enabled, what type of files can I allow multiple users to check out simultaneously?

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How do I know that a file has been Checked Out by some other user?

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If two users check out a project file, how does Visual SourceSafe avoid overwriting changes made by one user when the other user checks in their copy of the file?

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If new users want to modify the project, what are the steps they need to follow?

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While trying to modify a user control after doing a checkout, it gives an error "Can't edit module." How can I fix this error?

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Is it necessary to check out the project file when I only want to edit one of the forms contained in the project file?

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I've checked out and modified my files. At what point do the copies stored in the Visual SourceSafe database get updated?

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Un-Answered Questions { VSS }

Is there a way to automatically increment/synchronize my project build number and my VSS label/version?


Which is the best product for source controlling compare to vss for version controlling?


How do I reconnect a Visual C++ project after I have branched or shared it to a new location?


How to See Checkout Status of Elements?


How to Create a New Shared CaseComplete Project?


How to Create a Working Folder for a Shared Project?


Is there some way to get a list of errors from Analyze?


VSS System Capacities — database/file sizes, number of users?


How to Put an Existing Model under Version Control?


How do I select a database from the command line?


What platforms can I automate VSS using OLE?


How do I disconnect VSS from a particular VC project?


How do I display a custom message box during Add Item, Check In, Ckeck Out, Undo Checkout, Branch, and Rename?


Are there any patches available for problems that occur when using VSS on a Novell share?


How do I pin all the files within a project?