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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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You have class B network with a 12 bit subnet. How many subnets and how many hosts per subnet are available ? a. 14, 14 b. 14, 4094 c. 4096, 14 d. 4094, 16 e. 4094, 14

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4 functions that ICMP protocol performs are: a. echo (ping) b. telnet c. rcp d. rlogin e. rpc f. TTL announce (used by traceroute) g. source quench message (during congestion) h. network error announcement

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Which of the following statements are correct ? a. TCP is connection oriented and UDP is connectionless b. UDP is connection oriented and TCP is connectionless c. Both TCP and UDP are connection-oriented d. Both TCP and UDP are connectionless

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RFC 1542 compliant ROUTERS pass what ? a. DHCP broadcasts b. RIP broadcasts c. RIP2 broadcasts d. multicast packets

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True or False: RJ-11 Connectors houses eight connections.

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How many wires does an RJ-45 cable have ?

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True or False: RJ-45 connectors house less connections then RJ-11 because they are larger in size and use bigger cables.

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True or False: Twisted pair cabling comes in various versions and can support up to 96 ports and transmission speeds of 100 Mbps.

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STP is less susceptible to electrical ?

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Which wrap is used for insulation on STP.

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True or False: All network cards are 16 bit.

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True or False: Network cards communicate at the same speed when talking to each other.

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Telephone wire uses an what type of connector"

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A packet header contains 4 parts. they are:

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A cyclical redundancy check (CRC) is usually contained in a packet's ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Networking Administration }

What is meant my data qutoe error In ms office


Suppose when you move the nic cards from one pc to another pc, does the mac address gets transferred as well?


What is network management?


Define tcp/ip?


whenever we give #metastat cmd in svm, it display output "need to maintain" state, what u do?


Tell me what is the equivalent layer or layers of the tcp/ip application layer in terms of osi reference model?


Define wan?


Give some drawbacks of implementing a ring topology?


Define hybrid network?


What is firewalls?


If a switch has been configured with two vlans, how many broadcast domains will be there


what command to restore if the boot block is corrupted in linux


please forward Apache server and tomcat server questions and answers


Can you please explain the difference between csma/cd and csma/ca?


Explain netstat?