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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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True/Flase: Secondary DNS servers can not be authoritative for any domains .

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True/False: Secondary DNS Servers can help in load sharing with the primary servers .

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Secondary servers are defined the type mentioned in the named.conf file ?

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Name 4 kinds of DNS servers ?

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Which 2 kinds of DNS servers can never be authoritative over any domain ?

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You have a few machine on remore location. Uplink bandwidth is premium. You want to reduce name lookup traffic as much as possible. Which should you do ?

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2 kinds of answers a client can get from any DNS server are:

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Non-authoritative answers can be incorrect mostly due to :

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Which script starts the in.named daemon ?

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What does the /var/named/named.root file specify ?

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How does a DNS server find the actual root servers ?

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Which file has name and IP for all systems in the domain (on a DNS server) ?

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Which file on a DNS server has IP to name resolution ?

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What does the /var/named/ file specify ?

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Which file does a workstation consult to find out which DNS servers shiuld be consulted to resolve names ?

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Define nic?


Explain sneakernet?


Explain the osi role in computer networking?


Purpose of TTL. How it gets modified.


Give some drawbacks of implementing a ring topology?


List the layers of the osi reference model?


How do you remove Meta only for the root slice? Remaining slices should run under Meta?


what solution for High Utilization Cisco router 2851 ? please Need Help ASAP.


What is the major disadvantage of a star topology?


Define network topology?


Can you please explain the difference between csma/cd and csma/ca?


What platforms do you currently work on at your desk?


salient feature of network administrator


Suppose when you move the nic cards from one pc to another pc, does the mac address gets transferred as well?


can i get oracle10g with Linux installation procedure