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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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Which value in the "flags" field in the DHCP network database denotes that the evaluation of the DHCP lease is turned on ?

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True/False: Each record in the DHCP network database has an associated DHCP server's IP address .

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What does the "Lease" field hold in the dhcp network database ? a. how long the client has the lease for (length) b. how long remains of the lease c. absolute time when the lease expires

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Which comamnd will yield the current dhcp information on the DHCP server ?

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which file tells the dhcp daemon where to find its configuration?

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which command will show you the entry for the host fred from the "hosts" administrative database ?

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Which command will show the device/system being used for the printer fred ?

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What will the command "lpstat -lp fred" do ?

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How to you start the DHCP daemon ?

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How do you shutdown the DHCP daemon ?

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Which option of the dhtadm command creates the DHCP service configuration table, dhcptab ?

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Which option of the dhtadm command adds a symbol or macro definition to dhcptab ?

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Which option of the dhtadm command modifies an entry in the dhcptab table ?

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Which option of the dhtadm command removes symbol or macro definition from dhcptab ?

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Which option of the dhtadm command deletes the dhcptab table entirely ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Networking Administration }

How do two computers communicate with each other when they are connected through L2 or L3 switch?


What are rights networking?


how to know how many samba users in solaris?


Explain the network architecture?


Describe the working environment you are currently in, e.g. frequent interruptions, frequent priority shifting, team or individual?


Do you know about the job of the network layer under the osi reference model?


Tell me what is the equivalent layer or layers of the tcp/ip application layer in terms of osi reference model?


when affected the system from virus , which paths will be it stored in system ?


salient feature of network administrator


List the layers of the osi reference model?


Define slip?


in vcs, which network[private or public] channel bandwidth is high?


Explain how are ip addresses arranged and displayed?


List the different network protocols that are supported by windows rras services?


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