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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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Which protocol is used to share file systems between solaris machines ?

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Which file is used to identify and register the reserved port numbers, services, and protocols for the Internet. (well know ports)

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Which port is reserved for telnet ?

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Which port is reserved for FTP ?

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Which port is reserved for HTTP ?

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Which init script starts the inetd daemon ?

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Which command would you use to kill a process by name ?

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Which file dictates what inetd will listen for ?

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Which command will make the inetd reread the inetd.conf file ?

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What does the file /etc/rpc contain ?

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What does the rpcbind program do ?

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Which is the startup script for rpc ?

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Which program displays program number, version, protocol, port number, service, and owner of RPC service (root) ?

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Which command identifies all RPC services on a host called server ?

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Which command lists versions and states of the nfs service running on a host called machine ?

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Can you please explain the difference between straight-through and crossover cable?


Describe one advantage of mesh topology?


Describe a recent short term stressful situation and how you managed it?


Explain subnet mask?


What is the major disadvantage of a star topology?


What are rights networking?


What is 10base-t?


What are your key strengths as a System/network Administrator?


Describe vpn?


please forward Apache server and tomcat server questions and answers


Explain netstat?


What is network management?


Can you please explain the difference between csma/cd and csma/ca?


Describe point to point link?


Define network topology?