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Unix Commands Interview Questions
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what is the command to list all files in a directory, including the hidden files in UNIX ?


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How do you find out all processes that are currently running in UNIX OS?

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In UNIX, what is the command to kill a process?

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In UNIX, what is the command to edit contents of the file?

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in UNIX ,What is the command to view contents of a large error log file?

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what is the command to get help on a UNIX terminal?

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in UNIX,How do you check for processes started by particular user suppose the user name is 'suresh'?

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in UNIX,How to copy file into directory?

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in UNIX,what is the command to remove directory with files?

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what is the command to find out which shell you are running?

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what is the command to find out the difference between files and folders?

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what are wild cards?

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what is the difference between relative path and absolute path?

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what is the difference between commmands cmp and diff?


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what is the use of uniq commmand?

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Which command should you use to find the remaining disk space in unix server?


How do I use grep to find a file?


hw will u use awk in replacing cahrs and files


What is updatedb?


What is command substitution?


Is there any method to erase all files in the current directory, along with its all sub-directories, by using only one command?


Enlist some filename manipulation commands in unix.


What is the unix command to confirm a remote host is alive or not?


Is ‘du’ a command? If so, what is its use?


What difference between cmp and diff commands?


Who invented grep?


What is merge command in unix?


What is the use of egrep command in unix?


What are the differences among a system call, a library function, and a unix command?


What is grep and sed command?