Unix Interview Questions
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What is a Region?

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What are the events done by the Kernel after a process is being swapped out from the main memory?


What do you mean by u-area (user area) or u-block?

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What is Fork swap?

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What is Expansion swap?


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What are the processes that are not bothered by the swapper? Give Reason.

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What do you mean by nice value?

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How to setup display for a remote system?

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How to remove weird filenames?

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What are the Unix system calls for I/O?

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Describe the mount and unmount system calls?

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Describe the initial process sequence while the system boots up?

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What are various IDs associated with a process?

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What are the system calls used for process management:

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what does a process mean?


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Un-Answered Questions { Unix }

What is the procedure to configure MC/SG Cluster services in HP-UX 11i v3 OS Environment?


How can I set the timeout for the connect() system call?


Why does the sockets buffer fill up sooner than expected?


what is difference between milestone and run-levels in Solaris ?


. Using sed and grep, write a command which lists files and directories with following properties: (i) created in 1999 (ii) with user's as owner and group


What are the pros/cons of select(), non-blocking I/O and SIGIO?


Am using Mac OS 10.4.11 on an Imac (PPC) Internal hard disk got named disk0s3 and will not mount. What commands can be used in TERMINAL to rename the internal hard disk to C96?


What are the main differences between Apache 1.x and 2.x?


How can I write a multi-homed server?


I am new to Unix and Unix Shell scripting could you guide me on how to go about these subjects and where to start from with concern to Oracle?. I also would like to know where does UNIX shell Scripting help in terms of development of a application in Oracle? I have no clue in the subject so do help me. Thank You Neelima


How can I tell when a socket is closed on the other end?


How can I force a socket to send the data in its buffer?


i am prepairing for 2+ yrs exp in oracle/unix production support,can u tell me which type issue comes in server plz help


system choose one for me on the connect() call? Should I bind() a port number in my client program, or let the?


In detail elaborate the system? What is driver?