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HR Questions Interview Questions
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You are the decision maker. You have two train lines. One line is used by trains often. And the other one is used by only one train aday at morning. In midday, 5 children went to play with balls. They went to play on these two lines. 4 Children choose to play on the second line (often a busy line of trains) and only one (the youngest one) choose to play on the deserted line At a certain time a train (that can never be stopped came on the second line). You can switch to go on deserted line. Anyhow, if you are the decision maker, will you choose first or second line? and Why? (Children/child on chosen line will be killed by the train, there is no escape)

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what is retroaccounting in sap hr


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is it possible to implement only sap hr without fico?

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Please explain the following terms in details with example: Fixed public holiday flag Fixed weekday from date flag Distance to Easter Easter Sunday flag Movable public holiday flag Start of factory calendar day numbering Thanks Shweta


what are your greatest weakness?


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what is your dream company?

AB InBev, Amazon, Bajaj, EXL, ITC Indian Tobacco Company,

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Hi i had attended testing walkin of accenture on 28th nov i cleared technical and HR round and was told that i will recieve a call for another technical round, i havent heard back from them yet. does anybody else also facing similar situation.


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What are the qualities in your course ?


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How you prepare the CTS interview ?


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How is you dream company?


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What Is the Purpose of SDLC?

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What is Pivot Table and what it is used for?


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How can we copy Unhidden Datas in MS Excel?

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What is delimit?Why we will assign delimit to position?


what do u do in last 1 year?

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give an instance when you showed leadership skills.


How long are you expected to work for us if hired?


Will you be OK with working in night shifts or over the weekends?


what was your contribution in the project?


If you are witness to work place harassment, what would you do?


What are you expecting from Barnardos in the future?


How has your college experience prepared you for a career at Salesforce?


tell me something about your training project.


What attracted you to Aflac?


Don't you think you are overqualified for this job?


Describe what happens in your browser as soon as you hit enter after writing a URL in the address bar.


Don't you think you are overqualified,considering the factors of your trainings and project experience?


How important is it for you to have a career at Foot Locker?


What is the reason for joining Maruti and not a technical firm


Name 3 factors that make you nervous.