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Orbix Interview Questions
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How are connections managed in Orbix Connect?



Will you join our company if paid less your current CTC?


Can client use the jdk orb to communicate with the Orbix domain?

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what is recommended for clients using the JDK ORB?

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How to set the ORB properties?

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How to access CORBA objects in Orbix ?

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How to retrieve the local IP address on client side within an interceptor?

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Are Java Applets supported in Orbix 6.3?

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Are Orbix 6 libraries thread safe?

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Can clients using Orbix 3.x talk to servers using Orbix 2000 ?

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Can I change the port of the Orbix Notification Service?

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Can Orbix config data be backed up, and reused at later time?

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Can an interceptor capture SSL handshaking errors?

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Do the soft_limit and hard_limit configuration settings apply for each Orbix process or for a sum of Orbix processes running in an Orbix domain?

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Does a server migration to a new physical IP address impact Orbix?

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Will orbix 6 support i/o callback feature?


Explain how you configure thread pool settings in orbix 6.3?


Does clients using orbix 3.x talk to servers using orbix 2000?


Explain how to download the orbix products?


How to configure the license of orbix 3.3?


How you can configure an orbix domain to use the dns network alias hostname in iors for orbix services?


How to programatically query the length of a workqueue


How you can access to cobra objects in orbix?


Does the orbix have size limit for corba messages?


Tell me does orbix provide tool to remove surplus empty lines from an orbix configuration file?


Explain how you can access to corba objects in orbix?


How to limit the connections to from a service?


Explain how to limit the connections to from a service?


How to developed the event service consumers and suppliers?


How are connections managed in Orbix Connect?