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PHP Interview Questions
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How many ways we can pass the variable through the navigation between the pages?

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What is the difference between ereg_replace() and eregi_replace()?


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What are the different functions in sorting an array?

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How can we know the count/number of elements of an array?

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What is the PHP predefined variable that tells the What types of images that PHP supports?

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How can I know that a variable is a number or not using a JavaScript?

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List out some tools through which we can draw E-R diagrams for mysql?

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How can I retrieve values from one database server and store them in other database server using PHP?

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List out the predefined classes in PHP?

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How can I make a script that can be bilanguage (supports English, German)?

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What are the difference between abstract class and interface?

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How can we send mail using JavaScript?

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What is the purpose of the following files having extensions 1) .frm 2) .myd 3) .myi? What do these files contain?

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How can we find the number of rows in a result set using PHP?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cascading Style Sheets?

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Give the case where we can use get and we can use post methods?


What is interface? Why it is used?


How to merge values of two arrays into a single array?


What is the function of trim?


Why use php artisan serve?


What is php dependency injection?


What is the correct and the most two common way to start and finish a php block of code?


Explain about objects in PHP?


What is difference between include and include_once in php?


Why do we use php?


Can we use include ("xyz.php") two times in a php page "index.php"?


Is salary a ratio or interval?


Which framework is best for php development?


What is composer install?


What does $_server mean?