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PHP Interview Questions
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Questions on OOP concepts 1. What are the access specifiers available in php ? Explain 2. What is object cloning ? 3. What are the differences between interface and abstract class ? 4. What is overloading ? 5. What is overriding ? 6. How to prevent function overriding ? 7. What is the use of "final" keyword ? 8. What is static variable ? How will access a static variable ? What is static class ?


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What is happening in the following code $objA = new A(); // A is a class $objB = $objA;


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What do you mean by MVC ?


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Design a class that should always return a single object ?


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What is mem_cache ? How do you put a database query into that ?


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Is there any way to call a JAVASCRIPT function in PHP in AJAX

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hello myself Atul saini completed mca in 2007 due to personal problem i cant do i really search 4 a job.i dont know where i go i think simple think is learn php anyone help me wat i can do for a job. thanks

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hi abinashg i think u have experience in php plz tell me more about php now i raearlly want to do php wat is the email id guide me thanks...........

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How to get path of php.ini with a php script?

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what is PHP accelerator ?

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How can you "tell" MySQL server to cache a query?

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setQuery( $sql ); $user = NULL; $user = $database->loadObject(); //echo 'Name: ' . $user->name . '
'; echo '

' . $user->title . '

'; //echo 'Username: ' . $user->username; echo ' ' . $user->introtext; i write this and fetch the result from the database the result is The Intranet is up and working ! Our intranet is up and working and should be accessible from both Mumbai and NOIDA. As you will notice, this template, look & feel is not in line with our corporate indentity but we chose the route of "form-follows-funtion" In the first phase, we are rolling out functionality that is critical to all of us - Policies and How-to documents. In subsequent phases, we will be launching other features. Keep watching this space for more details i want to see only 4 line of top then how this may done



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Why is PHP-MySQL frequently used for web (Portal) Development?

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How to upload a file (may be a .txt or a .doc file) from a php script/file?

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What is php mainly used for?


How to convert a string to lowercase in php?


Why do we need session?


What is php in full?


What are interfaces in php?


Why constructor is not overridden?


Whether php supports microsoft sql server?


What is the use of @ in php?


Which function can be used to delete a file?


Explain the installation of PHP on UNIX systems?


Does php have a future?


What is difference between required and require_once in php?


Explain PHP?


What is a php trait?