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How can we do user authentication without using session/cookies ? For ex:- From page1 accepts user name and password and need to check in all other pages whether the user has logged in or not


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1.Where are the sessions storing ? 2.What are the contents of a session file ? 3.If the server is loaded with too many session files there is a possibility of server crash. How can we solve this issue? 4. How does php server identify that the particular session belongs to particular user ? For ex: If two users A and B logged from different machine, separate session files (say 1 and 2) will be created in the server. But how the php knows that 1 belongs to A and 2 belongs to B ?

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1.Where are the cookies storing ? 2.What is the drawback of using cookies ? 3. If two site is having same cookie name and different values what will be the output if we echo the cookie name from those sites ? How can we solve this issue (How can we specify the domain name)?


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Whether session will work if we disable cookies in client browser ?

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1. Write a function to swap two values ? $a = 10; $b = 20; echo $a, $b; swap(); // If u want u can pass parameters echo $a, $b; // It should print 20 , 10

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This question is regarding version control. If two developers are committing the same php file at same time what will happen ? What error it will show (if any) ?


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What is the difference between include and include_once ? Which is one is good in terms of performance ?


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What is the difference between mysql_connect and mysql_pconnect ? Which one is good in terms of performance ?

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How session works (internal processing of session) ?

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Does not want to see PHPSESSID in the url. How can be done this ?

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How to check whether cookies are disbled or not in the browser ? If that is the case how do you handle the sessions ?

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What is serialization / object serialization ?

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What is the purpose of destructor ?

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Whether site will complete the execution of the script if Fatal error occurs ?

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when ever the user logged in the database table the current registered date will be appeared

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can you give me an example code of calling java script function in php variable using AJAX.or with out ajax??????


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Hi this is amul jani here, i complied my graduation in stream.. but as career i looking for PHP language.. to get shape my career. so is that possible to enter in IT world.. for me how much scope of develop my career in this field.. amul jani


sort term descripttion form, report and uery


What is mean tnq


if you run the app program all vendor open items are cleared but is it possible to reverse the again again open items please tell me the answer


how can i develop forum code? any one pleale help me on this question


What are Routines?


how to open & closing opening period in fico


write a note on Testing the web site


armstrong number by using php while number is given by the keyboard.?


Maine 12th ke bad 2 years ka web designing ka course kiya hai. Php me achcha hu. Ek fresher ko is field me kitna mil sakta hai ?