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J2ME Interview Questions
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What is HLR

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What is HTTPS

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What is i-appli

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What is iDEN

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What is i-mode

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What is 3GPP

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What is RMI OP

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What is RMI Profile

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What is T9

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What is TDMA

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What is Tomcat

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What is UMTS

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What is VLR

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What is WMA

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What is amps ?


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Un-Answered Questions { J2ME }

Write a Java program to deactivate a cell phone when authentication failed


what is the application compatability?


Memory managment technique in j2me


what is the use of wtk?


create a menu which has the following options:cut-can be on/off,copy-can be on/off,paste-can be on/off,delete-can be on/off,select all-put all4 options on,unselect all-put all 4 options off,using event handling in MIDP application


Memory managment technique in j2me


what are all contain highlevel api?


Is there any framework in j2me that supports for all three HTc,iphone,Nokia phones.


create a midp application,where user can enter player name and points.the program saves the information to the record using RMS at MIDP device.program should also print out the top 10 player list to the end user.


In hyderabad, which s/w training center is best for java, other than corejava what r the new tools to learn in java,which tool is best & have current requirement,pls give me information about java to learn ?


where images can be stored in j2me?


11 is a group of specifications for wireless networks developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 802.11 uses the Ethernet protocol and CSMA/CA (carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance) for path sharing.


What is j2me in mobile computing?


What is amps ?


Give the name of classes of j2se which is not used in j2me