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JMS Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Byte Message and Stream Message?

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Are you aware of any major JMS products available in the market?

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What are the different types of messages available in the JMS API?

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What are the different messaging paradigms JMS supports?

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What is the difference between topic and queue?

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How Does the JMS API Work with the J2EE Platform?

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What is the role of JMS in enterprise solution development?

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What is the use of Message object?

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What is the basic difference between Publish Subscribe model and P2P model?

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What is the use of BytesMessage?

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What is the use of StreamMessage?

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What is the use of TextMessage?

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Why do the JMS dbms_aqadm.add_subscriber and dbms_aqadm.remove_subscriber calls sometimes hang when there are concurrent enqueues or dequeues happening on the same queue to which these calls are issued?

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Why do the TopicSession.createDurableSubscriber and TopicSession.unubscribe calls raise JMSException with the message "ORA - 4020 - deadlock detected while trying to lock object"?

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Why doesn't AQ_ADMINISTRATOR_ROLE or AQ_USER_ROLE always work for AQ applications using Java/JMS API?

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Un-Answered Questions { JMS }

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What is jms in java?


What is the functionality of a jms queue browser?


What is the functionality of a jms message producer?


Give an example of using the publish/subscribe model.


Why jms is used in java?


What is jms message queue?


What is the difference between java mail and jms queue?


What is the difference between Jms and Jvt ?


What is mdb in jms?


What is a text message?


What does jms stand for?


Can we use jms for sending automated e-mails?


What is the main parts of jms applications?


Is ibm mq jms compliant?