JMS Interview Questions
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Does JMS specification define transactions?

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How does a typical client perform the communication?

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What is JMS session?

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What is the use of JMS? In which situations we are using JMS? Can we send message from one server to another server using JMS?

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What is the difference between durable and non-durable subscriptions?

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What is the difference between Message producer and Message consumer?

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What is JMS application ?

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What type messaging is provided by JMS ?

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How JMS is different from RPC?

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What Is the JMS API?

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Give an example of using the point-to-point model

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What is Producer and Consumer?

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Can JMS utilities automatically re-establish a connection if one side of the communication link (i.e. an application that's sending/receiving messages) goes down and is restarted? Are there APIs to help detect that the other side broke a connection (went down)?

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What is JMS provider?

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What is Byte Message ?

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