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JMS Interview Questions
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Does JMS specification define transactions?

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How does a typical client perform the communication?

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What is JMS session?

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What is the use of JMS? In which situations we are using JMS? Can we send message from one server to another server using JMS?

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What is the difference between durable and non-durable subscriptions?

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What is the difference between Message producer and Message consumer?

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What is JMS application ?

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What type messaging is provided by JMS ?

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How JMS is different from RPC?

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What Is the JMS API?

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Give an example of using the point-to-point model

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What is Producer and Consumer?

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Can JMS utilities automatically re-establish a connection if one side of the communication link (i.e. an application that's sending/receiving messages) goes down and is restarted? Are there APIs to help detect that the other side broke a connection (went down)?

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What is JMS provider?

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What is Byte Message ?

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Un-Answered Questions { JMS }

How does a message queue work?


What is a stream message?


Why jms is used in java?


Explain about point to point?


Does weblogic jms support clustering?


Explain the process of Configuring Queues in Jms?


What are the different types of messaging systems?


What is jndi? How is it related to jms?


Do text messages use data?


What is the functionality of a message listener in the context of jms?


What is jms jndi?


What is the difference between an sms and text message?


What are the steps to send and receive JMS message ?


Are foreign destinations handled within foreign jms messages?


How does jms listener work?