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Core Java Interview Questions
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Why ArrayList class is not a synchronized class and why it is not a thread safe class? explain

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what is actual real time using of oops concepts in projects(Interface,polymorphism.abstraction.........)

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I have 2 objects inside one object(vector). how can i serialize one of them. I dont want to serialize the second one


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What is the difference between Synchronizing mehtod & Synchronizing block?

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what is check p object in java


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what is the need to set path in java? how many ways to set path in java? Explain breif?

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What Is Pointer?

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how to print the below in java?thanks in advance.... * * * * * * * *

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how to print the below in java? * * * * * * * * *

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difference between String a; and String a=new String();? y do v need to assign memory to the variable?

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In how many ways we can the thread? in java

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how to make a un-checked exception as a checked exception one.

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Why only one Class is public in one file? Explain in details. Thanks in Advance.

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Hi can u pls tell me what is the use of marker interface. Iknow what is marker interface but what ability will the object get by implementing this.


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what is the replacement method of stop() of thread


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What is the difference between compare and compareto in java?


What is the multi-catch block in java?


What is the use of generics? When was it added to the Java development Kit?


What is the order of arraylist in java?


What is an immutable object? How do you create one in java?


Why do we create public static method in java?


What is the purpose of extern variable?


What is difference between static class and singleton pattern?


Difference between collection, collection and collections in java?


What is the difference between method and means?


Given a singly linked list, find the middle of the list in a single traversal without using temporary variable.


What are different types of inner classes ?


What are computer functions?


Does garbage collection occur in permanent generation space in jvm?


Which method cannot be overridden in java?