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Axis Interview Questions
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What is the abbreviation of SMILE

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how to reduce axis bank emi

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Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.

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full name of axis bank

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What steps would you take to achieve your sales targets?

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Un-Answered Questions

which tests are performed in central air conditioning


hai! i am a BE(computer science) graduate with 54% of aggregate looking for bank clerk job? in interview they are asking why are you looking for a bank job and what guareente that once you are selected ? plz guide me?


what is mean by impact analysis ,how we used to select regression TC using this?


How is failover of the application server set with the delivered Peoplesoft software?


How to calculate canal slope curvature qty!


how to Create a datagridview control with check box column with 8rows in it, the maximum number of check boxes checked should be 3, when user checks the 4th corresponding message should be displayed and check box should be checked. User can uncheck the checked boxes Note: read-only property should not be used


briefly explain Juhari windows in managament?


What is reheater protection based on what mft will be act on RH protection


How to Close Sockets?


hi Can anyone explain how to use sql quries in database testing with a real time scenarioin an application


What are your future hopes for this job?


i want to get rrb solved paper of s.e. & j.e.. on my mail


List the various options available with the Hive command?


How you will do SubString in XSL


I have been using an 600VA with 0.6 p.f UPS with my desktop which has 450W power supply unit. Can anyone explain how can this happen . Because the output of the UPS is 360W (600*0.6) (<450W)


Axis Interview Questions
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