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Hexaware Interview Questions
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Howmany address lines are required to addressing 1 MB memory?

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What is inheritance?

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how the master data is read?


What is the real difference between arrays and pointers?

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How do you define a table/array in COBOL?

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what are the forced views

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What is MVC Architecture?

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what is Scheduling?

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what format do u follow in ur company to make a test repot? test report format.

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Tell me about your dream job.

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Hexaware placement papers --------- placement paper 1

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Which semiconductor device is used as a voltage regulator and why?

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is this possible to create an array of 0 length? if so how? if not so why? coz we have an array in main() likw this "static void main(String [] s) then what it signifies?

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Is it possible to write static method in abstract class? justyfy your answer?

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what is the difference between HashMap And HashTable?

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Hexaware Interview Questions

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