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  • WUB interview questions (1)

WUB Interview Questions
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What are turnaround time and response time?

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Who to difference between analog in & analog out in dcs?


What are the KRA of an asst manager in Domestic outbound Callcenter


If your colleague is depressed and demotivated, what action would you take?


5. Two long boundary walls run parallel to each other at a center to center distance of 1 meter apart. The width and height of the first wall are 0.30 m and 2.5m respectively. While those of the second are respectively 0.18m and 3.5m. Plot the distribution of vertical stress intensity due to walls on a horizontal plane, 1m below ground level. The walls have negligible depth of foundation and are made of brick masonry (y = 19.2 kN/m cu)


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What the advantages and disadvantage of using 90mm and 100mm bricks for a wall of a house? Thanks for any input.


which capacity of RCCB used for five thousand watt electricity load?


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A. Distinguish between the individual and the group decision - making, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of group decision-making. B. Distinguish between individual change and organizational change.


i need rrb chennai JE mechanical last 2 year question papers Plz send me on this email id


Define durable writes?


Why you have to add the specific add in in QTP? My answer is to recognize the specific objects we have to add the add-in in QTP...but he asked again after adding addin how qtp recognize the objects successfully? what is there in the add-in ?


What are the Important tables in PP, QM?


WUB Interview Questions
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