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Genesis Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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Can somebody provide me the GL and AP implementaton guide

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How can we Integrate AP,AR,CM & FA to GL? What is the procedure need to fallow as a functional consultant?

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dear gurus i would like to know about Flex field qualifiers

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Anyone provide the oracle fin/scm definetions


What is the difference between Electronic fund transfer and wire?

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What is automatic off set method in 11i? Differentiate between balancing method and account method?

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what is the difference between position hierarchy and employee hierarchy in purchasing module?

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What is write off Accruals? what is the use of this?

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What is the difference between manual payment and quick payment in payables?

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What is difference between match and quick match?

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what is the use of matching tab in payables options in Payables module?

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what is the importance of below three profile options? 1.HR Business group 2.HR User type 3.HR Security

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What is write off in payables? When do we use?

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Can i know the best institute for oracle apps finance functional training in ameerpet?

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