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Focus Interview Questions
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what is the procedure for cable sizing or on what basis we will calculate the size of cable?????

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1 hp single phase motor is more likely to get hot thsn inone hp 3 phase motor its true or false? If true why?

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Un-Answered Questions

What is a Cluster, Node and Key space in Cassandra ?


i am prepairing for 2+ yrs exp in oracle/unix production support,can u tell me which type issue comes in server plz help


how are you qualified for this job?


Explain the key highlights of Apache Spark?


Does a windows administrator have to be critical ?


What is the difference between resistance grounding system and resistance earthing system?


Write a program to generate the Fibonocci Series in C++.


What are examples of beings and cells that use such movements for locomotion?


What is the Difference between the Person_Type_id column in the per_all_people_f and per_person_type_usages_f


You are the project manger for Xylophone Phonics. They produce children's software programs that teach basic reading and math skills. You're performing cost estimates for your project and don't have a lot of details yet. You will use which of the following techniques? A. Analogous estimating techniques, because this is a form of expert judgment that uses historical information from similar projects B. Bottom-up estimating techniques because this is a form of expert judgment that uses historical information from similar projects C. Monte Carlo Analysis, because this is a modeling technique that uses simulation to determine estimates D. Parametric modeling, because this is a form of simulation used to determine estimates


What is meant by public, private, protected, static and final scopes?


Explain cdma development group (cdg)?


Can anyone plzzz tel me how can we generate sinusoidal waveform using 8085 chip??????? plzz reply with corresponding assembly language program........or simply the accurate logic.....


Which command is suitable while doing automation on main frames applications?


How to list directories in unix?