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FCI General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Most of the explosions in mines occur due to the mixing of (a) Hydrogen with oxygen (b) Oxygen with acetylene (c) Methane with air (d) Carbon dioxide with ethane

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Mohun Bagan is associated with : (a) Cricket (b) Hockey (c) Soccer (d) Racing

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The Secretary General of the Lok Sabha, who is the Chief of its Secretariat, it: (A) appointed by the Speaker (B) appointed by the President (C) elected by the Lok Sabha (D) elected by both the Houses of Parliament

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When an advance grant is made by the Parliament, pending the regular passage of the Budget, it is called (1) Vote on account (2) Token grant (3) Supplementary grant (4) Vote on credit

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Who is the final authority for interpreting the Indian Constitution? (1) The President (2) The Sepaker of Lok Sabha (3) Parliament (4) Supreme Court

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During sleep, the man?s blood pressure 1 Decreases 2 Increases 3 Fluctuates 4 Remains constant

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