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FCI APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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. The Governor General, who abolished the inhuman practice of Sati, was (1) Lord Hastings (2) Lord Amherst (3) Lord William Bentinck (4) Lord Minto

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. The most important Rabi crop is (1) Rice (2) Bareley (3) Jute (4) Wheat

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. Most of the rivers flowing west from the Western Ghats do not form deltas because of (1) The high gradient (2) Lack of vegetation-free area (3) Low velocity (4) Lack of eroded material

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. The first state in India to be formed on linguistic basis (1) Maharashtra (2) Andhra Pradesh (3) Karnataka (4) Kerala

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. Main source of India’s national income is: (1) Agriculture (2) Industry (3) Forestry (4) None

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