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Prodapt Interview Questions
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Imagine that u r driving a car from mysore to bangalore at a speed of no is KA-19 DB1955. distance between bangalore and mysore is 250 Km..... Now tell me wat s the date of birth of the driver............

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First round ------------------- - Procedure - Packages - Views - Virtual tables - Can we use dcl with in function? - Joins and few scenarios - Triggers and its type - Pragma, type and its functionality - How to create db link in oracle - Materialized view - How to find duplicate values from table? - Cursor and its functionality - Write a script to display friday and its date from a entire year. - Exception Handling Second round ------------------------ Gave a scenario like. Need to write a function to perform. When user try to change a password. It must not be last five password and a given password can be combination of characters, symbols, upper and lower case.


prodapt placement paper - sql, plsql

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