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Nandi Interview Questions
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How do you ensure that you base your software plans, work items and products on the requirement?

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placement papers of panacea biotech ltd., mohali. for RA

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i got the call from toyata for sales and marketing.forward me aptitude question paper for practice.


how many safeties should be present in boiler?what are they?

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how many kg of 20mm, 10mm, dust available in one ton stone boulder


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Un-Answered Questions

how can we use the text randomly or circularly in smartforms.... means... suppose i have 'abap' horizantally... but i want it in vertically... how can... plz any body tell me this....


what are your suggestions for making workers participation more affective in an it industry


how line turns ratio changes in 3 phase with change in connection


how do you test tachos and servos


if hr asked that why are you interested in marketing kind of job then what should i reply.


hii.plz send me hpcl placement papers for officers trainees for graduate engg plz my email id is


How can we assign business system in runtimes?


Regarding export, We have Excisable goods for Export, issuing Form ARE1 (Annexure-1), If we'll pay Excise Duty with adjustment from our accumulated of cenvat and "Claim for rebate of Duty paid on goods exported."/ CE Rule 18 Which type shipping bill should be file for "Claim for rebate of Duty paid on goods exported. .......Plz advise now can we also get DBK all industry rate? Motive: To reduce the accumulation of heavy cenvat To claim the refund of duty drawback, duty paid on raw material components, parts, packing material & others applicable inputs under Section 4A of valuation act. FYIP, We are registered with deptt. of excise and availing the cenvat on all inputs. Availing facility of CENVAT credit under CENVAT credit rules, 2002


1) a)to prepare mortar for bricklaying how much amount of water should be added for its maximum strength and workability(to avoid cracks which results, when high quantity of water is added)?is their a formula or ratio? b) suppose we want to make 1:3 mortar,what is the best way to measure cement ,sand and water and how? c)time before which freshly prepared mortar should be used? d)proper way to mix and make mortar? e)when should curing start after laying bricks and for how long?and also how many hours per day? f)what is shear wall (please in terms of layman lol) bookish definisions are confusing.... g) and last,acc to codes what are max no. of course that should be laid in a day.


What is stripper & spilitter ? Diffrence in this.?


pls tell me the process to set up a power plant right from the permission from state govt ????


I have file with input as below : Name Value Rohan 12,13,14 Rohit 1,2,3 Output should be : Rohan 12 Rohan 13 Rohan 14 Here how will the normalize component work? Thanks


Hello friends..... Can any give the methods for Ms-Access, and Mozilla firefox in Automation Object Model in QTP. Please give me currect answers... if you do not understand my question please don't give answers. Thanking you.


How will you justify IR value and Charging voltage of any motor,transformer and Cables.......???? . . . . . . . . Plz tell me any body Baljeet Singh,


wat wil hapn if we give the both read and deny read permission to user?


Nandi Interview Questions
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