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Encora Manual Testing Interview Questions
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when we enter wrongpaasword and wrong userid in login page and click on did not display that error msg. it displays that which page we want. what type of testing is this 1)functional testing 2)security testing

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what are the functional test cases for enter user name,enter pass word,click on ok(only functional test cases)


we enter that user name field is blank and password field is blank and click on Ok. what type of testing is this 1)functional testing 2)security testing

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when we are executing the test cases one bug is found.then how will u insert in to the deffect traking tool(in real time how we insert into the deffect tracking tool).please let me know the answer asap plz

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you found a bug and send it to the developer for rectification but the developer not accepting that bug at that time what will u do?(plz its very urgent give me the best answer plz)

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Encora Manual Testing Interview Questions

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