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Emami Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference b/w chock and ballast?

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You are a project manager for Candy Works candy factory. Your project involves reporting information from the newly installed candy-counting machine to the financial system. This will give executives the ability to see production run counts at any rime during the day. The project sponsor has promised you a bonus if you get this project completed two weeks sooner than the scheduled project end date. The bonus will come in handy on your trip to the Bahamas planned for later this spring. You've got a few remaining project activities to wrap up before you can close out the project. Which of the following is the most appropriate response? A. You tell the sponsor the project is complete and treat the remaining activities as though they're problems that came up after project closure so that you can still get the bonus. B. You tell the sponsor the remaining activities are outside the scope of the project so the project really is completed and collect your bonus. C. You tell the sponsor the stakeholders added these requirements after the project was well under way and you never agreed to include them in the project so the project really is complete, and you collect your bonus. D. You tell the sponsor you aren't going to make the two-week early completion date as there are remaining activities to finish up.


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