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  • KTC interview questions (2)

KTC Interview Questions
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What is the power factor you maintain at ur organization?

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why resistance has colour code?

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What is the unit test and how will you done this unit test? What r the results did you get?


what is wave length were using ?


When we giving the 3 phase supply to ups system how to coming netural?


In order to ensure constant pressure and constant flow rate of compressed air what should we put between the compressure and end user?


What is the program structure of WMLScript?


Can you give me an example of a particularly difficult customer you had to deal with and how you used your skills to successfully overcome the problem they had?


Tell me about a time when you had to many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks.


what is the diffrence between trade customer and non trade customer .


what are the things i had to say in personal introduction in hr round mail me to


Why do we use copper cable for HT Supply and why not Aluminium?


I want the sample question paper of po exam of sbi?


Please send me Sample papers OF National Informatics Centre (NIC) Vacency


write a program in C that prompts the user for today's date,tomorrow's date and display the results.Use structures for today's date,tomorrow's date and an array to hold the days for each month of the year.


how quantitative stability is done


Why you want to leave your present job while they offer you with good offer?


KTC Interview Questions
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