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  • KTC interview questions (2)

KTC Interview Questions
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What is the power factor you maintain at ur organization?

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why resistance has colour code?

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What are the different screens available in Siebel?


Please give me customization setting for FI/Co - CIN? up to vendor/customer invoice posting for excise/service tax / withholding tax? as a fi consultant what are the settings to be done? pls is there any website for the CIN separately for self learning? rgds, Bindu


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11 kv input, 66 kv input advantages


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why all high frequency semiconductors have comparatively low current rating?


Differentiate test bed and test environment?


# A large IT company is in the process of revising salary structure for its employees. The salary will be on the basis of assessed performance of the previous year for all employee who have completed six months or more. # The rules for salary revision are provided below :- Performance level 1 : Increase existing salary by 30% Performance level 2 : Increase existing salary by 20% Performance level 3 : Increase existing salary by 10% Performance level 4 : Increase existing salary by 5% Performance level 5 : No Increase # For those who have not completed six months, provide a flat increase of 7.5% in their salary. In addition to above provide a special loyalty allowance of Tk. 800 to all employees who have complete THREE years with the organization. # Compute the minimum number of paths that you would require to cover the application and how many test cases would you require?


what are the basic artifacts required for QA from development teams start qualification


As a electrical engineer.. what are the basic norms should follow in transformer oil testing.. 1.What is the Electrode type? 2.How long time you will give for oil testing?


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What is the difference between linux server and solaris server?


KTC Interview Questions
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