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EA Electronic Arts Interview Questions
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One diagram is given find out the diagram

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What is “FRAG” related to Gaming

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What is “NOOB” related to Gaming

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Which is not a hand held gaming device from the following? a) PSP b) Game Boy c) Nintendo DS d) Nintendo Di

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Which of the following is not a platform for Gaming? a) PC b) Console c) Mobile d) PMP


The word “Madden” related to ________ a) Baseball b) Basket ball c) Rugby d) American Football

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The following figure related to which game

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The abbreviation of “MMORPG” is

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Which was the first game introduced Bullet Time Future a) Matrix path of Neo b) Serious Sam c) Max Payne d) War craft

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Which of the following is not a Game Genre? a) RTS b) STR c) FTS d) RPG

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EA Electronic Arts Interview Questions
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