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dwise Interview Questions
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c and f are moved to the new office,how many combinations are possible? a)abc;bde b)abd;abe c)ade;abc d)bde;acd

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how Mis reports are used?n why it is used ? explain


Session State and can i store desirialized object in state server, if yes how and if not why.


for 100 HP Induction motor service factor is 1.2(SF) we placed a VFD at the motor side load is balance with 0.3 Amp's Phase to Phase but at incoming of VFD load is un-balance with 10 to 20 Amp's what will be cause of load un balance


is ac supply can store


If i have an array 0 to 99 i.e,(Size 100) I place the values 1 to 100 randomly like a[0]=29,a[1]=56 upto array[99].. the values are only between 1 to 100. getting the array values by using scanf.. If i entered one wrong element value line a[56]=108. how can i find it.. and also how to find the missing value in 1 to 100.. and i want to replace the missing values.. any one of them know please post your answer..


What is PQA???Applications........


how to prepare for IT Officers Interview in Banks


After synchronization with grid what is the demand value QKVAR and how we will maintain that?


How u will convince Axis bank or SBI bank customer to take loan from IDBI bank


is there any chart showing the suitable cable size according to AMP and length ? for three phase motors


/bin/bash is missing.


Dear sir, my knowledge about cable size determination is limited. Though I read examples I could not calculate the Cable size required for electric driven pump 40 KW, 380 Volt, 50 HZ, 50 meter from transformer and it is three phase star delta starting. Please help as there is no one in my surroundings to help.


When you are given to develop a computer based information system for banking, how do you write the SDLC diagram?. Explain the five phases with respect to banking.


I have 2 doubts regarding the "Input Control" functionality in BI4: 1) Can the Input Controls in BI4 be manipulated? I mean, can we change the IC display as BOLD or change the values from Italics to regular? Or change the colors? 2) How to get hierarchy type control in IC? Let's say my first IC is for Country and second is for State. If I select a particulat country from Ist IC,second one should show me states belonging to selected country. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!!!


If any new form open than we are able to deduct TDS on first year


dwise Interview Questions
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