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Drugs Inspector Government AllOther Interview Questions
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i am B.Pharm Graduate preparing for Drug Inspector exam 2009.i would like to get some model question papers,no problem if it going to be from other state also.plz send to my email id thanks, priya

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Drugs Inspector Coaching Class at Chennai Hi I Joined,I am giving the details If u find it useful then use the oppurtuinty.One Seminar I attended there and the Faculties were good so I joined. INDIAN IAS ACADEMY Annanagar West,Chennai. Contact 9841996486. Two maonths all Saturdays and Sundays.


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Drugs Inspector Government AllOther Interview Questions

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Hi all I had applied for the RRB test in the ELECRICAL category. I would be pleased if any of you can sent me previous year question papers. Please forward the question papers to Thanks and regards Varsha


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