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Delta Interview Questions
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How to Use an instance of TPrinter ?

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can three phase induction motor rotate with only 2 phases connected

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How to find the heap memory of managedServer?

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Which is the pin no of CN1 TERMINAL and the parameter using in delta servo drive for auto/man input and start forward input


What is meaning of H - form?

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mother's name is sixty two, son's name is fifty two,daughter's name is forty two, what is father name?

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if purchase order is 1200 and we received GR for 1000.what are the entries and what about the remaining goods 200.

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What is the form H in case of sale to export? what is the sale against form "H"?

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How to calculate water cement ratio in mix desion

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if negative of DC supply used and positive is grounded through EGB, and if ELCB used in the system then is it sense the positive volatge and get tripped is it possible?


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